Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Mullings over....

Something that I have been considering lately is "how can I best support Eldritch Tales?"

In answering the question, I've been greatly inspired by Glynn Seal's excellent Midderzine, which he uses to support his own Midderlands setting. I appreciate to smaller format and the ability to spread the focus of each issue - as opposed to a longer form supplement book. While I still plan to release some scenarios and such, a zine is looking very likely. It would be a convenient place to release short articles, plot hooks, optional rules, single-session scenarios, lore and the like.

And so I come to you and ask - what do you like for a title? Here is my short list:

*The Eldritch Inquirer* 
*The Eldritch Observer* 
*The Eldritch Herald* 


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  2. The Eldritch Post-Intelligencer

  3. The Eldritch Herald: you know the time is nigh...

  4. Eldritch Post-Intelligencer! That cracks me up!

    My choice would be The Eldritch Inquirer. It would reflect all of those poor investigators who have gone mad and the fact that, like the National Inquirer, nobody believes their stories.