Thursday, September 13, 2018

Eldritch Tales Hardcover Discount

Greetings Folks!

I am happy to announce that we have just broke 100 PDF copies of Eldritch Tales sold! In thanks for this early support, RGG will be offering a discount to those who buy the PDF version of Eldritch Tales before print release day! That day is still a few weeks out, so there is plenty of time to jump in! 

Because we can't effectively and efficiently personalize the discount, we'll only be offering this discount on Hardcovers purchased through RPG Now/DriveThruRPG. Here's how it will work:
All early supporters who bought the Eldritch Tales PDF before PoD release will receive an email from Raven God Games, via RPG Now, with a link to the discounted hardcover. The discount will be for the full price of the PDF ($9.99), allowing you to purchase the Hardcover for $35

In comparison to the Print+PDF bundle, this Early Support Discount will save you $3, and net you the PDF for free!

Remember, this offer is only good on PDFs purchased before print release, so if you are  planning to pick up the print book, go grab the PDF at RPGNow!

PLEASE NOTE: This is very important, in order for you to receive the email discount, you have to allow Raven God Games to send you emails. You can make sure you're signed up on your Account page at RPG Now; under "Notifications" choose "Select how I wish to be contacted by publishers." On the next page, find RGG and add us to your email list!

Thanks for all of your support!

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