Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Eldritch Inquirer #1 Released!

Hello Everyone!

After some unforeseen difficulties, the inaugural issue of The Eldritch Inquirer is released and available on Drive Thru RPG available in PDF, Standard POD, and Premium POD!

Inside you will find:
  • An historical chronology of the year of 1920. (10 pages)
  • Manias to expand the Insanity tables in the core Eldritch Tales rules. (3 pages)
  • Interesting and inspiring news articles & advertisements culled from the pages of the Arkham Advertiser, meant to be used as scenario seeds and world-building inspiration. (3 pages)
  • A list of "American" names that offer 80,000 name combinations, all suitable for Eldritch Tales characters of the 1920s. (6 pages)
  • The highlight of the issue, Return of the Windwalker, a full-length scenario that takes the player characters to the remote mountains of New Hampshire to investigate a new archaeological site, but they are soon embroiled in a tale of Mythos madness and mystery! Can they stop the return of the Windwalker? (31 pages)
  • Includes fully-hyperlinked High Resolution and Low Resolution PDFs of the magazine, as well as Color and B&W PDFs of the handouts for the scenario.
This issue is very art heavy, and contains both black and white and color art throughout. Much of the material is system-neutral and that which is written specifically for Eldritch Tales could be easily adapted to other Lovecraftian games.

That's not all, for those running the Return of the Windwalker, I have put the handouts up as a separate Print-on-Demand product (its not possible to include them with a print book). You get a color print of each of the handout and referee map, 14 in all, printed on sturdy cardstock cards. All you have to do is cut them out! The are available here (link)!

Players Beware! The images below may contain spoilers!

Premium Interior
Standard Interior
8.5"x11" Printed Handouts
Smaller Printed Handouts

 Get yours today at Drive Thru RPG!!
The Eldritch Inquirer #1
Return of the Windwalker Handouts


Friday, February 14, 2020

We've Got No Spine...

Just a quick update here... I returned from vacation to find The Eldritch Inquirer, second proof waiting for me. A deep perusal confirmed that all interior issues are fixed and it looks really quite nice, in my humble opinion.

The Standard version lacks some of the clarity and sharpness of the Premium, which you can see in these images. The Premium has a slightly more yellowed look as opposed to the Standard's more grey texture.

Premium left, Standard right

Premium top, Standard bottom

The only concern is that the spine text rolled to the front cover on both versions. It turns out that Lightning Source (the printer) has a 1/8" variation margin, meaning that text can move up to that distance on a finished product and they consider it acceptable. However, I don't. After some discussion with OBS support, I've decided to remove the spine text. I'll be ordering the final proof ASAP! Sorry for the delay!

A few more images of the interior, both from the Premium version ...