Wednesday, April 22, 2015

One Page Dungeon Entry

I just submitted my entry to this year's One Page Dungeon Contest, titled In the Moon Bog. Despite the name similarity to the Lovecraft tale, it draws no inspiration from that story. Of course, readers may note some HPL influence hidden in there regardless.

When I decided to enter the contest, I knew I wanted to do something more than a simple dungeon. In the Moon Bog is designed to be a mini sand-box campaign, with only one encounter area drawn up in detail. Other areas noted on the map can be fleshed out however the referee chooses, and may be perfect for utilizing other one-page dungeons. That's my hope anyway. Hope you all find it useful.

The adventure is kind of gonzo science-fantasy, suitable for any old-school D&D or games like Mutant Future, Gamma World and the like. I chose not to determine any statistics for the adventure, so it is up to the referee to stat and scale the adventure to his system of choice. After the contest ends, I may revisit this to stat the adventure out.

The maps were drawn by hand and altered digitally (corrections, text and shading). I chose not to use a scale or hexes, allowing the referee to make his or her own decision on the matter. The Moon Bog may be a two-mile area or a 50-mile wide maze of marsh. Layout done with Scribus.


Grab it here:
In the Moon Bog (pdf)

EDIT: I noticed that some of the italic fonts were not reading correctly. I updated the file on 4/25.