Monday, September 10, 2018

PDF Update and Other News

So, today I uploaded "Version 2" of the Eldritch Tales PDF to RPG Now! We've corrected and fixed all errors we could find, from typos to layout inconsistencies. I also dropped a new landscape character sheet into the downloads, this one was made by Tom Novosel and matches his excellent layout. Its very clean, easy to read and has an Art Deco feel!

Since release, Eldritch Tales has been featured on and has received great feedback all-around! Mark Siefert, who playtested ET and has been a long time supporter of the project, has created an Eldritch Tales Fan Community over on G+. I had this on my own to-do list, but Mark actually beat me to it, so rather than having two communities, Mark's ETFC will be the official place to find ET news. Be sure to join up and take part in our growing discussions, we'd all love to hear your questions, input and comments on things Lovecraftian! Thanks to Mark for setting this up!

Next, Jonathan Hicks has written a very nice review of Eldritch Tales. Be sure to stop over at his blog, Farsight Blogger, and check it out! Thanks for the review, Jonathan!

Around the time that Eldritch Tales went live, Rafael Beltrame contacted me and asked to do a mini-interview for his Brazilian blog, Modulos RPG, in which he reviews and discusses older editions of D&D and OSR games. The link will take you to the interview post, but you can find a link there for the English translation. Thanks for your interest in ET, Rafael, I had a great time answering your questions!

And finally, something that only recently came to my attention. Skinner Games, dropped an actual play video of their play through of an earlier version of Eldritch Tales. Due to their tight schedule, Skinner Games wasn't able to get any sessions in before the playtest closed, but they were still enthusiastic about getting a game in before live release. They actually streamed the game back in May, but I didn't learn about it until late August. Shame on me. Like I said, this is an earlier version of the rules and not everything you see here carried over to the final product. Check out the video on YouTube! Many thanks to the Skinner Games team!

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