Monday, June 25, 2018

Maps, Art, & Eldritch Tales News

Just wanted to post a quick update to inform you all about the goings-on with Eldritch Tales! I have been periodically posting brief bits of information on G+, some of which I will recap here since I know that not everyone catches those posts.

Most importantly - progress is great and is nearing completion! All art is officially complete, including my own. The only thing remaining to complete is the final map of "Lovecraft Country," which I am personally grinding out in my spare time. I hope to have it done within the next two weeks. Here is a look at a portion of the completed Arkham map:

Arkham, shewing Hangman's Hill, Downtown, and Miskatonic University

Pre-layout prep of the manuscript is done. Tom Novosel is still working on a few design bits but the work he has done has been absolutely stellar. Every new test page he sends just blows me away and I think you will all be happy with how this book will appeal to the eye. A while ago I mentioned somewhere that I had come to the decision to hire a proper layout professional, rather than doing it myself. Best choice I've made in this project.

Eldritch Tales Mummy

The Compatibility License and Logo are complete, with much-appreciated assistance from James Spahn, author of White Star, The Hero's Journey, and countless other RPG products. The license will be made available on release day and I sincerely hope to see third party material coming from the wonderful people of this community!
We have more exciting news and info in the pipe that I will be sharing soon, talk then!

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