Monday, June 25, 2018

Beyond the Ice-Fall Play Reports!

Hi All,

The excellent Acep Hale over at The Monstrous Pig is sharing play reports of my Swords & Wizardry White Box scenario, Beyond the Ice-Fall! Follow his "murder hobbits" as they explore the wintry region of the Skallafjord and seek out the missing sea-captain, Hallstan the Wayfarer!

Beyond the Ice-Fall is a Nordic-themed adventure with good dose of pseudo-historical influence, a heaping handful of mythology, and the mighty thews of Howardian Sword & Sorcery! I'm putting the adventure on a 20% off Sale until the end of July, grab it at RPGNow!


  1. I have somw questions about publishing a product similar to this one, if there is anyone willing to indulge a couple noob questions, please respond. Thanks for your time!