Sunday, May 1, 2016

Delving Deeper/ 0e Logo!

For the past year or so I have been in communication with +Simon Bull , whose input has had a huge input on my upcoming releases for Delving Deeper RPG. As Simon continues his work on DD, he hopes that other publishers and writers will expand on the game with adventures, settings, and other supplements. Part of that vision has been to create a "Zero-Edition compatibility logo" for use with Delving Deeper material, and other 0E/OSR creations. I've been able to help Simon fine tune the logos a bit. Simon did a great job with the logo design and offer these images as a preview of greater things to come.

As for my own additions to  Delving Deeper, I have two classes - the samurai and the ninja - ready for imminent release on DTRPG and Tabletop Library. They will also be available directly from the Simon's DD site. These classes will be part of a larger supplement, Eastern Expeditions (c), that will expand DD games into the realm of mythic Japan.

You can get Delving Deeper freely here, browse the hypertext online, or grab a low-cost paperback copy from Lulu!


  1. With Simon's consent (via email) I will be using this logo on adventures written for my Iron Falcon Rules for Classic Fantasy Role-Playing, a slightly "later" (1975) replica of the original RPG rules. The adventures I publish using this logo should be fully compatible with Delving Deeper and other 0e-era games. I'd like to thank you for helping Simon get these logos in good shape; they are really, really nice looking!

    1. Thanks Chris, this is great news. Happy to see they will be getting some use! Iron Falcon is a nice game, you've done solid work on it and BFRPG.